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Each year more than 10 million children in the developing world die before reaching the age of five. Most of these children die from diseases we know how to prevent or cure, such as measles, pneumonia and diarrhea. New vaccines and medications hold the promise for more effective prevention and treatment of disease, as well as meeting the challenges of emerging threats like drug resistant infections. Beyond survival, protecting children from disease and malnutrition increases their ability to learn and thrive.

The US Coalition for Child Survival is comprised of organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the survival and healthy development of the world's children. Among the founding members of the coalition are the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, the Academy for Educational Development, the Child Survival Collaborations and Resources Group/World Vision, the Global Health Council, Bread for the World, and the US Fund for UNICEF. Public-sector partners such as the US Department of Health and Human Services and the US Agency for International Development provide technical and program expertise in support of Coalition educational and awareness efforts.

Over the next 10 years, the US Coalition for Child Survival is committed to saving the lives of an additional 15 million children beyond those being helped by existing public and private programs. We will accomplish this by promoting and encouraging the following:

  • An increase in child immunization rates from 75% to 90% and the development and use of new lifesaving vaccines;
  • Access for no less than 80% of children under five to essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, which will save one million children yearly through increased resistance to disease and infection;
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most common life-threatening childhood diseases, including malaria, measles, diarrhea and pneumonia;
  • Safe pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care;
  • Reduction of hunger and malnutrition, which contribute to over one-half of childhood deaths worldwide; and
  • Support the health needs of the millions of children orphaned and affected by AIDS.

The US Coalition for Child Survival seeks to increase public and private funding for child survival programs worldwide. The Coalition does not solicit private contributions from individuals. Rather, our goal is to share best practices between child survival organizations working in the field and to coordinate efforts to eliminate and eradicate diseases that kill children.

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