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Public-private partnerships
BD's Partnership for Maternal and Child Health

For Western nations, tetanus is often a mere inconvenienceusually associated with a rusty nail and treatment by a tetanus toxoid (TT) booster. But in developing countries, tetanus can be a severely debilitating and potentially fatal infection. In 1990, tetanus was killing 300,000 newborns and as many as 50,000 women following childbirth every year.

Medical technology company BD teamed up with UNICEF to create the Partnership for Maternal Child Health to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) by 2005. Focusing on countries' most underserved and vulnerable areas, the partnership marshals the necessary resources: the vaccine, syringes and related devices, and healthcare workers who deliver the vaccines to children. BD contributes cash, products, equipment, and technical assistance. The partnership targets 27 countries, which currently account for more than 90 percent of the cases of MNT reported worldwide. Six countries have already implemented program activities: China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and Ethiopia.

To find out more about BD's partnership with UNICEF to fight maternal and neonatal tetanus, please follow the link to BD's website: Partnership for Maternal and Child Health.