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Become a member of the US Coalition
for Child Survival

Organizations and individuals interested in becoming involved in the effort to improve the health and well-being of children around the world are encouraged to join the US Coalition for Child Survival. Member organizations and individual advocates are critical to the Coalition's mission of raising awareness and supporting global child survival.

There is no fee associated with joining the Coalition. We do not sponsor individual children or solicit personal contributions.

Please click here for more information about how to join.

Write to Congress
One of the most important rights every citizen possesses is the ability to voice an opinion to his or her elected officials. Indeed, it is fundamental to our system of government that we help our executive and congressional leaders make the most informed decisions possible and ensure that those decisions are reflective of our desires and priorities.

The Global Health Council (GHC), a member of the US Coalition for Child Survival, offers on its website an online program to help Internet searchers contact their leaders in the Federal Government and become more informed about the legislative process and important domestic and international issues. With a searchable database of elected and appointed officials, this automated program allows users to craft a personalized e-mail or letter to express their support for child survival.

The US Coalition for Child Survival encourages child advocates in the United States to utilize this program to voice their opinions to their leaders in Washington. Urge the President and your members of Congress to make child survival a national priority.

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