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About the Coalition

The US Coalition at the Special Session

The US Coalition for Child Survival will be actively represented at the May 2002 United Nations Special Session on Children and will be working with its member organizations to bring attention to child survival issues and the historic UN meeting during the months leading up to it.

To raise awareness about the Special Session and the importance of a strong US presence, the Coalition sponsored a series of events and briefings during the past year focusing on international health and child survival. These events included:

  • Regional Global Health Forums in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Seattle, Washington.
  • A series of five Congressional briefings in Washington, DC.
  • A press briefing releasing the results of a national child survival poll
  • A reception on Capitol Hill to honor child survival champions in Congress

As part of the activities leading up to the Special Session, the Coalition will encourage President George W. Bush to lead the US delegation and assume the leadership role taken by his father, President George H.W. Bush, during the 1990 World Summit for Children. The Coalition will also contact Secretary of State Colin Powell, Secretary of Health and Human Resources Tommy Thompson and congressional leaders to urge their participation at this important world event.

Special Session events

During the Special Session itself, the US Coalition for Child Survival is planning several important events in New York to gather and inform delegates, child advocates and non-governmental organizations attending the Special Session.

Planned events will include sponsorship of official side events at the United Nations and a reception honoring child survival advocates.

For more information about upcoming Coalition events, please go to the events schedule area of the website or contact the Coalition directly.

Special Session goals

1990 World Summit for Children

The US Coalition at the Special Session

Say Yes For Children

Join the Global Movement for Children in a worldwide referendum to affirm the ten basic, imperative actions that must be carried out to improve the survival and well-being of the world's children.
__To cast your ballot online and voice your commitment to children, click on the hand logo above and follow to the NETAID website.
__Results of the "Say Yes For Children" Campaign will be presented at the United Nations Special Session on Children in May, 2002.