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About the Coalition

In the effort to improve the health of the world's children, U.S. corporations are playing an increasingly vital role. Many companies, across a broad range of industries, have joined the global child survival effort as active partners with a stake in its success. Recognizing both the urgency of child survival and the enormous impact that the private sector can have on global child health, U.S. and foreign-based companies in the U.S. are engaging in important public-private partnerships with other key organizations to support child survival.

This page is designed to be a helpful resource for private companies interested in getting involved in the global child survival effortand for other organizations looking to develop joint health initiatives with the private sector. By providing information on this subject, we hope to open a greater dialogue about the importance of public-private partnerships in child health and survival and the need for organizations of every sector to explore new partnership opportunities.

This resource page includes a listing of the basic principles for establishing an effective public-private partnership and five case studies of successful partnership programs that have had an important impact on child survival.

9 principles of successful public-private partnership

Case studies: public-private success stories