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About the Coalition

  • This is a Powerpoint Presentation"Maternal Mortality in Latin America" (Powerpoint, 570K)
    Dr. Guillermo Dorion, Coordinator, ALERTA Project, Guatemala

  • This is a Powerpoint Presentation"Special Session on Children, September 2001" (Powerpoint, 1.7MB)
    Alfred Bartlett, MD, Senior Advisor for Child Survival, Global Bureau, Office of Health and Nutrition, USAID

  • This is a Powerpoint Presentation"US Coalition for Child Survival: Public and Hill Staff Reactions to Message Platform" (Powerpoint, 133K)
    Lake Snell Perry & Associates

  • This is a Powerpoint Presentation"Neonatal Health" (Powerpoint, 2.3MB)
    Indira Narayanan, MD, FAMS, FIAP Neonatal Specialist, BASICS II

  • This is a Powerpoint Presentation"US Coalition for Child Survival" (Powerpoint, 150K)
    Nils Daulaire, MD, MPH, President and CEO, Global Health Council
  • State Profiles of Child Well-Being: Results from the 2000 Census
    A Kids Count/PRB Report on Census 2000

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