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Goals for the UN Special Session

During the Special Session, the General Assembly will evaluate the progress and achievements that have been made in the past decade. It will also take stock of the significant unfinished child health and development goals from the 1990 World Summit for Children. With this information, world leaders will be asked to examine the unmet and to identify potential strategies for addressing them.

It is expected that the heads of state and official delegates from the represented countries will reaffirm their commitments by supporting an updated declaration of principles for protecting and serving children, and pledging the necessary economic and human resources. They will also be asked to agree to a unified document that outlines specific goals for improving the status of the world's children over the next decade. This renewed commitment and plan of action will be dedicated to ensuring that children in every part of the world have the best possible chance to develop as healthy individuals capable of maximizing their potential in life.

A delegation of children and adolescents from countries around the world will also be present during the UN Special Session. As official delegates, these children will participate by sharing their thoughts and experiences about the issues affecting their lives.


Special Session goals

1990 World Summit for Children

The US Coalition at the Special Session

Additional information about the UN Special Session for Children at UNICEF

The UNICEF website contains additional information about the upcoming UN Special Session on Children and all other issues related to it.

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